EMC debugging training at CTK laboratory in Korea

GCL (HCM) lab engineers participate in EMC debugging training at CTK Laboratory

EMC debugging using H-field probes and EMC analyzers
EMC issues are often encountered in the final phase of product development, which is the certification phase. EMC engineers always have to troubleshoot and solve EMC problems based on experience, which takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, EMC debugging techniques were developed to help products quickly reach the market, reducing costs for businesses.
Improved EMC performance for SMPS circuit
CTK lab is a famous testing lab and debugging center in Korea, with a long history. Two Vietnamese engineers were fortunate to receive training and learn directly from Dr. Hong and EMC debugging experts.
Debugging radiated emission use compact chamber
There are many products that fail when testing for radiated interference, conducted interference, and CS immunity... Normally, interference is caused when other electronic circuit components radiate resonance, layout of electric components in the hot loop position, noise cause by common mode and different mode
Commemorative photo
The training program is about 6 months, GCL Vietnam engineers are very excited and grateful to learn technology from laboratories in developed countries like Korea. GCL (HCM) with the mission of supporting Vietnamese businesses and manufacturers to bring goods to the world market.