Radio Frequency (RF)

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency Test

Radio Frequency Test.

Product test

 Tested products are: Smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth related devices, Wi Fi devices, etc.

RF Room

 Radio Frequency (RF) Test
- RF (Radio Frequency) is the process of transmitting and receiving information using radio waves. The frequency ranged use from several hundred KHz to several tens GHz, and is allocated according to the type and purpose of communication.

- To protect the public network, eliminate interference with other products, and reduce the risk to the human body, RF testing and certification shall be conducted according to national technical standards and legislation. RF is any frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum associated with radio wave propagation. The RF test for wireless devices is to ensure the performance and reliability of wireless devices for life safety by the efficient use of electromagnetic spectrum and quality of radio equipment. RE testing must maintain radio electromagnetic spectrum standards in each country.