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DC Power supply QJ3010E

DC Power supply QJ3010E.

DC Power supply QJ3010E
DC source is an indispensable part when designing electronic circuits, repairing electronic circuits, researching circuits, etc. To give you an overview, today I will introduce to you a product that supplies DC POWER SUPPLY QJ3010E (0~30V/0~10A).
1. Single output, inside using SMT technology.
2. Precision 4 LED digital display.
3. Steady flow automatically switch.
4. High stability.
5. Control the temperature by using a cooling fan.

Other specifications:
+) Input voltage 220 V ± 10% 50Hz ± 2Hz
+) Energy Effect CV≤0.01% + 3mV CC≤0.2% + 6mA
+) Voltage indication accuracy 1% ± 1d
+) Current indication accuracy 1% ± 1d
+) Use environment 0-40°C
+) Relative humidity 90%

To better understand DC POWER SUPPLY QJ3010E, you can refer to the video below: