Training for new employees of GCL HCM at GCL Hanoi

The training went smoothly and achieved good results

Energy efficiency training
1. What is energy efficiency?
1.1. Energy label
Energy labels applied to products are regulated by Vietnamese standards in 5 levels and are issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Level 1 is the lowest level and level 5 is the highest performance level. From the energy labels, you can learn a lot of necessary information from the specifications, manufacturers, origin of electrical products...
1.2. Performance Index
This index is the ratio between power consumption and power consumption, from which users can evaluate the performance of electrical appliances. The higher this index, the more efficient the use, and vice versa. If the product has a lower index, it proves that the device will use a lot of power and lead to unnecessary waste, which is something that consumers do not want on their home equipment.
Electrical safety training
Electrical safety is defined as a set of organizational measures and technical means. In order to minimize and prevent impacts affecting people. Especially the elements: electric current, electromagnetic field, static electricity, electric arc.

Elements related to the electrical system are all potentially harmful to humans. Can be static or dynamic. In the case of electromotive force it is the movement of electrons. Static electricity is an electrical charge on a surface during friction or contact.
Therefore, we must test the electrical safety of the equipment before selling it on the market.
Training on EMC testing
- EMC is a basic test that all electronic devices must have for good performance, and it is required for most countries around the world as well as for protection of equipment from radiation. high electromagnetic.
Electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC) is the ability to manage emissions of electromagnetic interference below specified levels (EMI, electromagnetic interference), to prevent interference by a large number of emissions from equipment. so that your device continues to function as intended in the presence of electromagnetic interference. This is a test that ensures electromagnetically compatible emissions (EMS, electromagnetic immunity) by maintaining electronic equipment performance standards in electromagnetic interference environments.