Certification process and stickers ISI

Certification process and stickers

Step 1: Prepare the application
Step 2: Pay the fee and original product to BIS
Step 3: Get All (Number of temporary files to track progress)
Step 4: BIS will ask for application clarification documents
Step 5: Pay the verification and evaluation fee (in USD)
Step 6: BIS will appoint a reviewer
Step 7: Plan a schedule for assessment and preparation of VISA/Hotel/Flight
Step 8: Factory Assessment
Step 9: The evaluator will submit a report to FMCS
Step 10: Evaluation at a Lab certified by BIS India
Step 11: BIS will issue decision and receive RF
Step 12: Pay the minimum labeling fee for BIS & Agreement & Indemnification Commitment & Bank Guarantee.
Step 13: Start affixing BIS's label on products and selling
Step 14: Annually need to apply for renewal of factory and BIS label fee
According to production quantity data
Step 15: Prepare the signature of the inspection accountant and stamp the production data.
ISI Stickers